ESSAY-01 | Hayashi Takeshi

Hayashi Takeshi


むすぶこと / To Form a Relationship




「森に生きるかたち」 箱根彫刻の森美術館 1999年




林 武史


The 30th Anniversary Exhibition 1999「Forms in Nature」The Hakone Open-Air Museum

Forest. The word has an enchanting ring.


There is a tall tower on the grounds of the Hakone Open-Air Museum offering a sweeping view. Drawn by this high vantage pont. I climbed the tower and looked down. There I suddenly got the idea of making a line with stones from one side to the other. I had the feeling that this line would have a solid presence even if it appeared and disappeared among the trees. I believed that it would form a mysterious relationship with the surrounding environment. Now, I am not so sure what it is all about. Still, it was definitely an exciting thing to do, a wonderful event for me. I have continued asking myself how best to relate to the forest and examining my own responses.

Hayashi Takeshi



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